Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We are loving doing the blog each day, throughout each month we will have specific days dedicated to service, fashion, spot-light designers and some of our favorite things. The second Wednesday of each month will be for service, we will give you ideas you can do for others, for your community, different types of service.

Father's Day is only a few days away we thought who better to do service for than your own DAD! The two of us share a common bond, we both lost our fathers just over two years ago. A trial we both wish we didn't have to go through, although it has made us stronger. We have each written a little tribute to our dad's, so our idea for you is to do the same. Whether your dad is still alive, lives close to you or far away, a step-dad, a father figure, the man you think of as 'dad' write a tribute to him. Give this priceless gift, all it takes is some paper, your time and thoughts, let him know just how important he is to you.........

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Holly Lynn said...

did you make that fabulous tall cupcake at the top of your blog?? i am loving it.