Friday, June 20, 2008


Congratulations to 'Jess' you won a fantastic fabulous fashion apron!!!! However, we couldn't get to your blog only to your profile, so if your name is Jess, 31 year old female, Libra, live in Utah and your a mother of 3-leave us a comment with your email so we can get in touch with you!!! Thank you to everyone who entered we were totally surprised with the great response-we love ya, and for all of you who didn't win, stay tuned because we will be doing many more giveaways!!!!!

Today we are going to leave you with a glimpse of our kids Economic Fair items that are for sale at the school today and did we mention they are fabulous! Their company is "The Really Cool Co." so eat your heart out Hanna Montana.....yes, we ROCK!!!! And if your thinking to yourself "Oh, they are those kind of moms" yes, it's true-we go Over The Tipsy Top even for our kids!

See ya Monday,
Love, The Tipsy Girls


Hannah said...

darn!! That apron is really cute!! I was hoping to win...


Jess said...

OH HOORAY.. that's me!!! I am so overly excited right now! I am so doing the happy dance :)

so, my blog is
(I don't know why it doesn't give the link?)

and my email is

Thanks again! You gals are fab. I never win anything either!! What a happy Friday this is.

AMD said...

Hi Tonia,
Love your blog. The decorating you did for the Miss Syracuse Pageant was just beautiful! What a lot of work but you made it look easy! A.M.D