Tuesday, September 30, 2008

AND THE WINNER IS...............

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR WENDY #127, she didn't win the grand prize but, thanks for voting and giving your support. The winner of our $50 VISA CARD was randomly drawn by Wendy, comment #12 Shannon&eli!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! We have lots of fabulous giveaways still to come.........
Love, The Tipsy Girls

Monday, September 29, 2008


This is a great gift or inexpensive halloween decor!! Actually if you over think it, it can add up. So, if it is for you to keep buy a nice hat and make it as extravagant as you want. If it is a gift, or if you decide to make several follow these simple instructions. Family Dollar, local dollar store, or party supply place will have hats for $1. They are vinly usually but they will look great we promise. Poke a whole on each side close to the band that goes around your head. Slip the ribbon through and tye in a knot. Embellish the brim if desired, we have done these lots of times with nothing around the brim. Substitute tissue paper poking out instead, then add treats, little creatures or a small gift. The hat will hold a lot but not a lot of weight, so fill the bottom of the hat with tissue before adding your treats. This is a fabulous project, its tried and true, everyone loves it!!!!

Happy Haunting!

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Friday, September 26, 2008


Last week we talked about doing a movie night for your little girls, now it is time to do one with you and your girlfriends. So, get your kids ready for bed, send your husband upstairs to watch ESPN and invite your girlfriends over for a late night flick. This is one of our favorite things to do on a weeknight, we get together around 8:00 and watch a fabulous chick-flick. Now, of course you need treats, just serve them in a way that makes them Over The Tipsy Top. (The treats don't have to be Over The Top just the way you present them does.) So, serve those MnM's up in a fun glass, with a little tulle and bling. Put your popcorn in fun funky bowl, serve your treats on some great plates and that's all there is to it!!!! Don't forget to have everyone wear their favorite comfy PJ's and have a fantastic time!

Love, The Tipsy Girls

****Today is the last day to vote for Wendy and the last day to enter our $50 Visa GiftCard Giveaway-just check out our blog from Monday*********

Thursday, September 25, 2008


This is one of my favorite Halloween decorations. This Halloween Scrapbook, is a mini album and I have just added ribbon and a few fun charms to glam it up!!! I have already pre-made all the pages with fun Halloween scrapbook paper so all I have to do each year is take a quick picture of my boys in their costumes, and add it to my book!!! I leave this out on my coffee table for the month of October, its fun to look back over the years at all the terrific costumes! Now, I only put it one or two pictures each year, all the other photos go into our family book. So, if you love Halloween as much as we do, make a Halloween Scrapbook, I found my mini album at http://www.makingmemories.com/ but you can get them at any craft/scrapbook store. Even if you are not into scrapbooking this is easy and really takes no time at all. So for all of those non-scrapbookers out there just get any photo album add a few embellishments and then add your favorite Halloween pics.

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Let's face it who doesn't love Target???? They have these fun Halloween Tees and Lounge Bottoms right now and the cost......well $5 for the Tops and $7 for the Bottoms need we say more? So, head to Target and get yourself some fun festive PJ's and they have more to choose from then just these!!!! We hope you love this great find!!! Happy Shopping!

P.S. If you haven't voted for Wendy yet, please go vote and then leave a comment on Mondays blog so you can be entered in our giveaway!

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Tis the season to be decorating!!! My husband asked, "When did Halloween get so popular?" crazy man, seriously...I said, "Didn't you know in the decorating world Halloween is the NEW Christmas!!!!" Even we were amazed last year by all the new decor, Halloween has definately been bumped up to an all out decorating extravaganza!!!! These are gilded pumpkins if you want the whole process go to Country Living.com. Last year we did these pumpkins our own way. The effect was the same, it just didn't cost as much, it's hard to spend alot on something that is going to rot! Pick your desired pattern (by pick we mean think about it in your head), polka dots, squiggles, etc. Grab spray paint, craft paint, sponge brushes, skinny art brushes for detail, gel stain. Walmart is a great place or Home Depot for these supplies. Spray paint is around a dollar at both locations!!! Make sure there is no condensation of any kind on the pumpkin. Spray with desired color then embellish with craft paint, then wipe gel stain over the entire surface carefully. Of course in between each step you are allowing the pumpkin to dry. The aged look is accomplished with the stain! You can use spray varnish or spray glitter after if you'd like extra sparkle!!! These do not hold up well if directly hit by rain or snow!!!!

Have a FABULOUS time!!!

Love, The Tipsy Girls

P.S. The WINNER of the Tombstone giveaway----


To all our girlfriends, your tombstones are coming soon!!!

Lauren Marley, Deanna, Wendy, Lisa, April, Holly, Julie, Kim,
Angie, Amy, Charlise

Monday, September 22, 2008


Today we have a fun giveaway but it comes with a little bit of work on your part.....our girlfriend Wendy is in a BABY BUMP CONTEST and she needs ALL of us to vote for her...you can do this by going to http://www.971zht.com/pages/babywatch (just click on 97.1 and it will link you). GO TO VOTE NOW.....scroll down to the entry dot...for entry #127 and select. Scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your email address and click SUBMIT/VOTE NOW. It will then send you an email that you will have to open and confirm.....that will submit your entry. It only takes a few minutes, however it will only allow you to vote once per email address/ per computer. Now for the GIVEAWAY we will be giving one lucky winner from our blog a $50 VISA GIFT CARD----that you can spend anyway you like; your Halloween Decor, some fun new shoes, a pedicure, whatever you choose! After you have voted for #127 leave a comment on our blog that tells us you did and you will be entered to win, also, talk about our giveaway on your blog, let us know you did and you will be entered again. Hey, have your hubby, friends, neighbors etc. vote for Wendy and let us know and you will have just that many more chances to win!!!! So PLEASE take a little time and cast your vote for our girlfriend WENDY we really want her to win and we want you to win a gift card too!!! So, get voting but do it soon because the BABY BUMP CONTEST ends Friday and so does ours!!!!!! Thanks---good luck Wendy and good luck to all of our fabulous friends who check out our blog and enter our giveaways!!!!!
Love, The Tipsy Girls

Friday, September 19, 2008


The perfect summer nights are quickly dwindling. Whether you have a house full of boys or squealing little girls they will love this party. Any T.V. will do big or small, they don't care, my friend projected a movie on the side of her house onto a sheet. Find a spot to lay out blankets, these girls dragged the beanbags from the theatre. Yes, you read right, we have a theatre room and it was still more fun to watch the T.V. OUTSIDE!!!!! But it really was so FUN!!! The night was perfect, the screaming outside not so bad, basically an easy party!! Each girl brought a treat to share, we provided the drink and party house!!! The Sound of Music echoed throughout the night and the girls just loved being together!! My son has also done this with the game systems, it must just be fun to enjoy the evening. So get out and have some fun with your kids or let them be the entertainers!!! I will leave you with this DA-LICIOUS punch recipe one more time just in case you missed it the first time ---
1 2liter diet store brand sprite

1 frozen concentrate cranberry-raspberry(no water)

1 frozen concentrate white grape juice(no water)


Love, The Tipsy Girls

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We are hyperventilating, this is so cute!! You might have to double click on the picture and make it big to see all the detail, it is so great! We're not sure if we love it so much because it cost a dollar, 50cents of glitter, 5 minutes to accomplish or if its the fact that wrapped up in cellophane with great Halloween ribbon it will make the best girlfriend present of the season!!!!!!! We think it might be the latter, we both love presents!!
Which brings us to the GIVEAWAY, this tombstone in particular is up for grabs. Anyone who loves our blog, loves Halloween and will tell a friend about us could be the winner!!! You know the drill, just leave a comment!! It will be sent to you already to give to your best girlfriend - cellophane, ribbon and Over the Tipsy Top embellishments!!! She'll think you're the best and all you have to do is take all the credit!!!
BUT-----If you are one of our girlfriends, the ones we love who should check our blog often just because you loves us and want to support us----leave a comment and each of you will get what we would have done for you anyway but this way we know if you really do love us!!!!!!! Deanna (my mother-in-law) of course you're my girlfriend and our best supporter!! So the challenge is out there, don't let us down, CALLING ALL GIRLFRIENDS!!!!
Love, The Tipsy Girls
P.S. You can leave a comment even if you don't blog, enter your e-mail, then your pass word and wa-lah!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


These turned out so BLOODY cute!!!! This is dollar store stemware and the skeleton pitcher is from Walgreen's. We showed both of them on an earlier blog (necessities for Halloween). The glitter that works best for glass is the fine Marth Stewart that you used on your toes!!! So grab your glitter, use a small brush to put the modge podge only where you'd like to embellish. It's really that simple and takes only minutes to accomplish!! Have a BLOODY good day!!!!!

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Monday, September 15, 2008


This project started for my theatre room then became entertainment for my kids, niece, and nephew. They all grabbed letters and glitter and filled a laid back morning in Idaho with a little fun! We spelled popcorn, movies, Hollywood, picture house, and treats with alot of glitter and even more modge podge!! It was nice to do double duty though, get a project done while at the same time entertaining kids! It was my sister-in-law who suggested the lime green was perfect for HALLOWEEN! So find some great glitter, get out the modge podge and EMBELLISH. These letters are still going in the theatre but not until after HALLOWEEN so they are naked!! Add ribbon, wrapped candy, little bats, your dollar store bones, the possibilities are endless!!!

The letters are usually $1.99 but you can get them on sale all the time. Hobby Lobby and Roberts Crafts carry these exact paper mache letters which stand on their own which is nice. Many craft stores have something similar so go get shopping and have a great time!!!!

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Friday, September 12, 2008


Ladies it's time for a little project this weekend......get a witches hat and glam it up! All you need is a few fall picks, a fun spider, crow, skeleton and a feather boa can transform that plain witches hat into a fun piece of your Halloween decor. Look through last years decor and use some of that to decorate your hat! Just stuff the inside with batting so it will stand tall and don't forget the hot glue gun because you will need it for this project. Have a withcy weekend!
Love, The Tipsy Girls

Thursday, September 11, 2008


September 11, 2001 will be a day that we will never forget, we will never forget where we were at, what we were doing when we heard the news.......tragedy and loss in our great nation. In Sandy, Utah they have a place called 'The Healing Fields" each year on 9/11 they put out a flag in honor of every single person that was killed by terrorists on that fateful day. Each flag has printed on it the names of all those who lost their lives. They also have a flag from the country, where each person was from. It is truly an amazing site. There is also a section of flags representing those from Utah who have lost their lives fighting the war on terrorism. Through-out the day they have Servicemen and women singing patriotic songs, policeman, fireman, firetrucks, army trucks etc. If you live near by, take the opportunity to go, if you don't, find out if your community does anything similar to this. We are so proud to be Americans, we are so blessed to live in this beautiful nation, today is a day that we will forever remember not only for the tragedy that happened on this day, but for the strength and courage we have as Americans!
Love, The Tipsy Girls

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It's another Dear Lizzie fantastic purchase.......this Witches Arm Halloween Candleholder-Sconce is sure to be a hit!!! As you can see this piece has great color and terrific detail. The best part is that it is from http://www.department56.com/ so, if you don't live near Dear Lizzie you can find a store near you. Hooray for Halloween and all the fabulous decor!

Love,The Tipsy Girls

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Yea--we are getting ready for Halloween and this is one item you need to add to your Haunting Decor. What a great find...... you can pick this kit up at Michael's, it's from the Martha Stewart collection and absolutely fantastic! The kit also includes black glitter, glue and a brush so, everything you need. (The kit is $29.99 but we used a Robert's 50%off coupon and picked this fabulous find up for only $15!!!!) We added silver and gold glitter to the black for a little extra sparkle, and that was it! Our ribbon is from Hobby Lobby but, you can find terrific Halloween ribbon at all craft stores right now. Hang this anywhere for a glitterlicious touch to your Haunting Halloween!

***Go to www.shane-natalie.blogspot.com to enter an unbelievable giveaway.......We have done a jewelry giveaway from Natalie before, her line is Paisley Lane and we love it. Anyway she is doing a giveaway on her blog right now and this is what the random winner will win: Natalie is heading to New York and while she is there she is going to design a prize package of New York treasures specially picked for the winner-so go to her blog and enter-but hurry there is only a few days left!!!!!!******
Love, The Tipsy Girls

Monday, September 8, 2008


We are postponing the rest of our boy ideas until closer to Christmas because we need to get you ready for Halloween!!!! These items are sure to go fast so head to your nearest dollar store, party store, craft store, or Walgreens. They don't need to be exactly what you see here. Anything similar will do, Family Dollar will also have some of these items. The orange and black sucker, and the skeleton pitcher is at Walgreens specifically. You'll definitely want those, at least 10 suckers. When we're done none of these items will look the same!!!!! We are so excited to help you make your Halloween Over The Tipsy Top!!!
Love, The Tipsy Girls

Friday, September 5, 2008

YES IT"S TRUE..........

Well it is official-fun, ruff, rugged boys cups! We couldn't leave our boys out of having their own fantastic cups- we just had to down size on the use of ribbon and frills! From their favorite moto-cross brand to the their favorite skate-board brand-we found something for each of them. And the best thing is our boys absolutely love them!!!

P.S. Don't forget to enter Shannon's giveaway and we will continue boys week for a few more days----so check back on Monday!!!

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Don't boys love trucks of all kinds---especially the big ones with all the horns, lights and sirens? In our box of superhero costumes we happen to have two fireman outfits so, I dressed up the boys and off we went to our local Police/Fire-Station. The boys each colored pictures to give to the fireman, we stopped at the store for ice-cream treats to give them. I thought this was a great opportunity for my little ones to do something nice for those who serve in our community, and of course they had a fun time doing it. They took the boys on a tour the Fire-House, Ambulance and Fire Truck and they absolutely loved it!!!! This fun little outing didn't take much time or preparation. Tonia and I both enjoy being involved in our community and truly believe that little acts of kindness go along way. So, take your boys on to your local fire station, police station, senior citizens center, anywhere in your community and do something nice for someone else. Let us know what you are doing in your community!

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


More FABULOUS boy ideas coming your way!! Yes, boys are fabulous too and you should tell yours today!!! Whether you have a budding artist at home or not, all boys like to get messy. This is a great project for your boys, plus ultimately you want it to be decor in their room so with a little guidance the final product is easy to achieve. Start with canvas that is stapled to wood. You can get them at any craft store in a variety of sizes. The bigger the better if you've got a lot of space to fill. Pick a quote that is meaningful to your son but short. Have a plan in mind...stripes, solid, abstract, etc. for the canvas if you'd like it in their room. Only display paint colors for him to choose from that will coordinate with his decor. Sit the pink out and he will choose it to be funny!!! DO NOT USE BLACK unless you want a solid black background or for the writing. Black used in this project is messy. The paint is regular craft paint from the store, you can use sponge brushes and your fingers!! This project is very rewarding for all ages, its not about perfection though, these are not meant to be exact. Let your son be the artist!!!

Industrial silver ladders are a great way to display your sons treasures, whether they be rocks or their girlfriends pictures. When I use them in a clients teenage room their is really no need to worry about securing them to the wall. For little boy clients, I find a way to secure it. The industrial ladders are also great suspended from the ceiling which allows you or your son to hang all kinds of great stuff from it. Have fun and be creative, your son is so worth it!!!!!

PS. Boys Binder Buddies GIVE-AWAY, Shannon is doing a giveaway on her blog: http://www.shannonmakesstuff.blogspot.com/ so link to her site and leave a comment for your chance to win! GOOD LUCK!!!

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


It's our BOYS week and we are excited, we do have to admit it has been a little bit of a challenge because we can't use our MP&G and it's difficult to make boys things Over The Tipsy Top but we will do our best, so here we go........ We love our boys and we love our cupcakes....it may not seem like it but we don't always use MP&G and all the fun girlie stuff. A few years ago when Pixar "Cars" was the big rage, Marla's little boy loved them!!!!! So, each time she went to the store she would look to see if they had any new "Cars" in... one day she made a batch of cupcakes and then went to do a little shopping, on that trip she found a couple new "Cars". When she got home she opened them up and put them on top of the cupcakes, Mckay was gone that day but when he returned home he was so excited to see his "new Cars" on big fluff cupcakes! So, find a little gift for your boys and give it to them on top of a cupcake, trust us they will love it!!! The skeleton and cross-bones is a gift card to a skate shop, you could do a golf, a gas or fast food gift card for your teenage boys. As you can see we wrapped a bit of ribbon around the cupcake paper, you just need to use a little of your left over frosting to hold it on there. Most of the cupcakes in the bottom picture don't have ribbon and what a difference it makes!! (Ribbon doesn't always look girlie) Yes, you could change it and make it girl stuff but this is Boys week so, do a few fun extra things just for your boys! Love, The Tipsy Girls