Monday, June 30, 2008


As we shopped our hearts out at Dear Lizzie last Thursday night, we came across some cute tiny paper 4th of July stars and of course we thought we can do those a little bigger and a little Over The Tipsy Top. We used metal stars from Ben Franklin. They were a brown rust color, but not after we got a hold of them. We soon transformed them into shiny, sparkling red and blue stars (yes, of course we used Mod-podge and glitter). The center is covered with crepe paper, red tissue paper, pipe cleaners, K & Co. glitter chip board, a banner and hot glue. (Be careful that glue will get ya, I only have 3 blisters on my hands right now from all the crazy hot glue gun activities Tonia and I have been doing lately!) Use your computer to print your favorite 4th ofof July phrase and make it pop with a touch of glitter. Now its your turn, embellish your metal stars big or small with a few extra things, it not only adds dimension but fabulous flair!

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Friday, June 27, 2008


We have had a ton of people say they saw our fun glitter cup on Good Things Utah. Yes, it's true, Marti Skold was our MC for the Miss Syracuse Pageant, she also lives right here in our fabulous city! So of course we had to give her a cup in her favorite color---blue! When we gave her the cup on the night of the pagaent, she said I am taking that to the show on Monday----and she did!!!! Yea! She's not a soda drinker but, she loves it for her ice-tea. She did an outstanding job we loved having her with us. We did try to download the clip from the show but, unfortanetly we couldn't figure it out-so if anyone can help us let us know? For now here's a few pictures...... Enjoy the warm weekend Tipsy style!

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Is the 4th really a week away?? If you have friends and family coming to your house this year it's time to start getting ready! What a better way to serve them candy & treats then in our favorite containers. They do double duty too because they can be used as your centerpieces. Now they don't all have to have treats in them, the smallest jar is full of sugar sprinkles (you know the kind you use on top of frosting). And let's face it, it's not very Over The Tipsy Top to just pull the sparklers/fireworks out at the end of the night, use them for part of your decorating. Trust us when the time comes for fireworks they will look even better just because they came from fun containers rather than from a plain boring box. Oh yea, by the way you have to try some of these red and white salt water taffy, they taste just like red licorice!!!!! (Smith's bulk section) Have fun and fill up those jars.

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Your kitchen/dining room chandelier is the perfect place to dress up for any holiday! Add a little glitz to your light fixture-- and there you go--- a splash of holiday that doesn't take up space your kitchen table. The Target star works great for hanging because it's light weight and the stars will twirl around. Hang it with festive ribbon from Hobby Lobby, you can use Christmas ornaments (if you want) and your done!!!! These 4th of July ideas are so easy and for those of you who live in Utah--Bonus you can leave it up the whole month or at least to the 25th! Happy Lighting!

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Ladies, this too is an easy, quick idea for your front door. We just have a typical red, white and blue wreath from a few years ago, small stars picks, red glitter sprigs, ribbon and of course our Target star. The red glitter sprigs were from the Christmas decor stash, it's great because you get to use it for two holidays instead of just one. So, go through your Christmas stuff and pull out the red, white or silver shinny stuff and use it! It's time to bling-up your 4th of July decor. Literally you just throw the picks and sprigs through the center of the wreath, add the star with a little ribbon embellishment and your front door is bursting with 4th of July flair!!! Have Fun!

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Monday, June 23, 2008


Well here we are after a crazy-busy weekend we are ready to blog, blog, blog. Today we are sharing with you this fabulous 4th of July find! This glitter star we found at Target in the dollar section-that's right it was a dollar and the glitter has already been done for us!!! (what more can we ask for) So, get over to Target, pick up some of these and for the next few days we will give you ideas of how to make these stars Over The Tipsy Top!
IT'S GLITTERLICIOUS!!! (Yes, we think this is going to be one of our favorite new words)

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Friday, June 20, 2008


Congratulations to 'Jess' you won a fantastic fabulous fashion apron!!!! However, we couldn't get to your blog only to your profile, so if your name is Jess, 31 year old female, Libra, live in Utah and your a mother of 3-leave us a comment with your email so we can get in touch with you!!! Thank you to everyone who entered we were totally surprised with the great response-we love ya, and for all of you who didn't win, stay tuned because we will be doing many more giveaways!!!!!

Today we are going to leave you with a glimpse of our kids Economic Fair items that are for sale at the school today and did we mention they are fabulous! Their company is "The Really Cool Co." so eat your heart out Hanna Montana.....yes, we ROCK!!!! And if your thinking to yourself "Oh, they are those kind of moms" yes, it's true-we go Over The Tipsy Top even for our kids!

See ya Monday,
Love, The Tipsy Girls

Thursday, June 19, 2008


What's your favorite color???? Whatever that color may be, add it to your decor, it doesn't have to be your very favorite as long as it makes you happy when you see it. Let's face it, we all get in that rut when we feel like everything in our house has been the same for sooo long-well it's time to change that!!! Color can be an unexpected, great way to make a statement in your own home. Tonia's home is filled with Tuscan decor, rich, warm colors and when you come around the corner into her kitchen-----PINK!!! What a fun suprise. You do not have to coordinate everything, a splash of color can add personality to any room. Mix things up, but things where they "don't" go, and what we mean by that: usually a picture hangs on a wall, well why not put it on your kitchen table??? Pick a color, then find a few items with that color in it and find a spot; a table, shelf, counter, just about anywhere. Be creative, bring your personality out in your home decor. What better way to go Over The Tipsy Top then with a splash of color in an unexpected place.

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Yes, ladies you have "blogged in" on the right day it's our fabulous fantastic fashion giveaway!!!!!! Leave us a comment and you will be entered to win an apron, let us know you've given us a "shout-out" and you'll get a double entry. This is a random drawing and the winner will be announced on Friday June 20th GOOD LUCK!!!!

This is one of our favorite designers and here she is to introduce herself:

Hi, I am Amy and I love aprons, it all started when my dear friend (Tonia) had a birthday last August and I wanted to get her something fab. I saw some aprons at the mall without a fab price. I knew I could make one better. The only problem is that I don't sew, I called my seamster (he is a man so he can't be a seamstress) over to show me how to ruffle and I was off! Aprons have made a come back as a funky, cute accessory. I don't really make them to sell but it is a fun gift to give. Use your imagination, test your sewing skills, and make the apron a part of your world. It is a way to make you the domestic diva of your kitchen!!!!!!!

We chose Amy for our fashion giveaway because she has made everyday extraordinary with her aprons. You can check her out at:
Love, The Tipsy Girls

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hello ladies, it's Tuesday and we have a terrific, quick and easy idea today. Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon! Ribbon is a great way to embellish everyday things around your house. We used satin ribbon and a brochette to hang this calendar. Now your everyday calendar can be part of your everyday decor. With the tassel it just need a little extra volume. So we took 3 different pink ribbons looped them together and tied a knot, added a glitter frame, initial and Voila!!
(We use these glitter frames and initials a lot!!! You can get them at Robert's, they are in the scrapbook section. These chipboard letters are from K&Company, they come pre-glittered, trust us you will love them). Grab your ribbon and start adding it everything around your house, it's quick and easy and gives you a fun new look!!!
Love, The Tipsy Girls

Friday, June 13, 2008


Let the Tipsy Girls make your Father's Day Over The Tipsy Top!!! These recipes will be as fun to make as they are to eat. Take your BBQ from ordinary to Extraordinary!!! These are our Fabulous Father's Day Favs:


Mix 2 pkgs. Yeast , 1 tsp. sugar, 3 C. Hot bubbly water
Then add 1/2 C. Sugar, 1/2 C. Oil, a dash of Salt, 8 C. Flour .
Stick in refrigerator til' chilled. Take a small amount of dough, flour each side and roll-out very thin. Put, directly on grill (pre-heated to medium). Cook thoroughly before turning. Flip it over and add your favorite toppings. Our favorite toppings are listed below. Keep the grill closed while the cheese is melting. (The refrigerated pizza dough will stay good for several days) Enjoy these as an appetizer or main dish!

P.S. Test a small amount of pizza dough first, to make sure your grill isn't too hot.

GRILLED CAESAR SALAD PIZZA-It's more manly than it appears!

Toppings: Cooked diced chicken, fresh grated Parmesan cheese, shredded Monterey Jack cheese, Romain lettuce, chopped green onions, sliced tomatoes and bottled Caesar salad dressing.
Grill pizza dough as directed above. Do not add toppings until removed from grill. Brush pizza crust with salad dressing, then load on the toppings, finish with lettuce, tomato and extra dressing.


Make (or buy) dad's favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Place a cookie in a dish, add his favorite ice-cream then another cookie. Garnish with fresh fruit like chocolate dipped strawberries. The tip to making this Over The Tipsy Top is the CHOCOLATE! Serve in a clear glass, melt choclate chips in microwave for one minute, stir, drizzle over the plate and cookie. The Tipsy Top secret is to use a little melted chocolate underneath the glass to adhere it to the plate!

P.S.S. The plate preparation can be done the day before and left sitting out.

Trust us these are tried, true, fast and easy. These favs will be delicious!

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Do you know what your getting your dad? (or should we say-what are you are getting your kids to give to their dad) Well, if you don't have the perfect gift we have one for you.
Plan a 'DATE WITH DAD'- have each of your kids pick their favorie place to eat, activity to do or place to go. Get a gift certificate to that place and the two of them can use it together. In the popcorn bowl we put movie tickets, a dinner gift certificate and dad's favortie treats. In the golf bucket we put in a new golf towel, tees, 2 rounds of golf and a Jamba Juice card, for after the game. What a fun chance for them to spend time together, just the two of them. Be creative: a day at the park and lunch, a baseball game, a hike and a picnic, golf, dinner, the water park etc. A date with dad will be a sure "hit" (for both of them)!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We are loving doing the blog each day, throughout each month we will have specific days dedicated to service, fashion, spot-light designers and some of our favorite things. The second Wednesday of each month will be for service, we will give you ideas you can do for others, for your community, different types of service.

Father's Day is only a few days away we thought who better to do service for than your own DAD! The two of us share a common bond, we both lost our fathers just over two years ago. A trial we both wish we didn't have to go through, although it has made us stronger. We have each written a little tribute to our dad's, so our idea for you is to do the same. Whether your dad is still alive, lives close to you or far away, a step-dad, a father figure, the man you think of as 'dad' write a tribute to him. Give this priceless gift, all it takes is some paper, your time and thoughts, let him know just how important he is to you.........

TO MY DAD.......

When I picture my dad I see a man who is Larger than life!!! A man who lived each day with integrity and love. His character traits were very distinct: he was hard working, loyal, true, protective, honest, strong, competitive, matriculate, organized, and most of all loving. Many of these traits he passed on to me, Kurt and Monica.
I could always count on him, he was my friend, my confidant, but most important he is MY DAD! He helped me become the woman I am today, I am proud to be his daughter. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss him and think of him. I remember the great times we had together, his perfect lawn, his clean shinny truck and terrific BBQ's. His life and memory lives on, he has truly left our family with a wonderful legacy.
He will never grow old, his hair will not gray, his body will not be frail. He will forever be my hero, that strong wonderful man I call my DAD!!!!!

TO MY DAD.........

I share stories of my dad freely. I'll tell you whatever you want to know but, only when I'm asked. My dad's stories are not typical, they are more juicy than any drama you'll see at the theater. Myself, an amazing mom and two of my best friends (that would be my bro and sis) lived what could be your favorite summer novel.

My Dad was hard not to love. Charismatic, full of life, laughter and play. We played hard, time was of the essence; being the only ones on the lake by 6a.m. for water smooth as glass, the first in the parking lot at Snow Basin, or the first to breakfast on a Cruise ship?!!!!!!

Some say I am the "party queen" I have been since I was a teenager. Somehow I am willing, able and ready for fun with only a moments notice. This is my favorite part of me, it is who I am. Although I have to ground myself frequently that spirit and desire runs through my veins. It is the greatest treasure I'll always carry in my heart, from my dad. There are only a few surviving characters from the epic novel written by Ivanhoe. Like any good read, each of us has chosen our favorite parts to remember. Together we are better, definitely stronger, and more amazing human beings than we would have been without him. Thanks Dad!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Happy 6th Birthday Tate!!!! We celebrated at a Luau pool party and BBQ, it was great. With a little pre-planning we turned his party favors and his favorite snacks into part of the decor. The kids filled their beach buckets with squirt guns, bubbles, swim goggles, flower lais and yummy treats. We used many different sizes of glass jars, added a little ribbon embellishment and Hibiscus flowers to complete the look of a Luau. We often use these jars for our parties, centerpieces and decor. Most of the jars have just been purchased over time from stores like Tai-pan, Hobby Lobby and The Basket Loft. Plan any party theme, add coordinating ribbon and fill them up with all your favorites!

Monday, June 9, 2008


No more mundane Mondays---make them glitter and shine!
It's Monday already so we found our Mod Podge and glitter then got to work..........
This is a great idea for your kids summer project, girls night-out, baby shower, bridal shower, a gift or just for yourself.
We bought our supplies at one of our favorite stores: Hobby Lobby. The letters are a $1.99 (use your 40% off coupon). Get out your Mod Podge, brush and glitter from last Mondays glitter project and off you go...
Step 1: Mod Podge front surface with a smooth thin coat, glitter and allow to dry
Step 2: Continue with sides and back however, avoid the bottom of the letter keep it free of Mod Podge and glitter.
Step 3: Repeat steps 1&2
Step 4: Add last layer of Mod Podge
Step 5:Embellish and B-dazzle!!!
Hint: To make your glitter go further; add silver or translucent glitter to the color of your choice.
Remember this the next time you hear your kids whine "I'm bored", or the next time you need a unique gift!!


It's Friday and we made it through our 1st week of blogging (sort of?)! We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. So, lets celebrate with this Over The Tipsy Top cup "cake". We both love cupcakes so when we found this Wilton cake pan we knew it was a purchase we had to make. So let's get started: first, smear frosting onto your cake-plate, it acts like a glue and holds the cake in place. We frosted this cake using Wilton decorating tip #127 (You can find Wilton products at Michael's craft stores). To us it's all about the frosting so, remember to put a thick layer in the middle between the base and the cake top. For our curly-cues: we rolled pieces of salt water taffy into long strings, wrapped them around drinking straws and placed them in the freezer for a few minutes. Then gently remove the straw, poke a hole into the cake and place the end of the taffy there. The taffy will slowly drape over the cake. Bake it, decorate it, dig-in and enjoy! We have had a fabulous week thanks for 'blogging' with us, we'll see you Monday!!!


Fathers day is less than 2 weeks away so start planning for a spectacular Dad's day!! Make the man in your life know just how special he is, surprise him with his own "Superman" breakfast. At our house traditionally Father's day means a BBQ-but mix it up a little this year. We had so much fun dressing up our table this is what we did: the place mats and chargers we already had (from Christmas) the Superman plates we bought at a party store. We placed the napkin in the drinking glass and from the straw we dangled a Superman logo charm. The 'DAD' tag we added ribbon and used it for his place card. We set his gifts nearby. Now just add your dads favorite breakfast items and jump start your dads special day. We purchased our SuperDad decor and logo charms at Walmart. So get planning now and have fun!!!!

Cluster Clutters...
...a sure favorite; add an extra flare to your next gift!

Grab any combination of cord ribbon, tissue paper, cellophane, netting, pipe cleaners, wrapping paper, etc. Use items that have different widths, textures and patterns. Cut them at varying lengths and gather in the middle with wire pipe cleaner or another piece of ribbon.

Clusters we make are just from clutter we have laying around. So start recycling your gift wrap and ribbon and use them to make your gift giving a little more marvelous.

Fabulous Front Door Decor

My front door is so dark I wanted to lighten it up, I had this mirror I was about to junk when I decided to give it a try. I knew the reflection of the sun would be eye catching. I loved the plaques I found at Hobby Lobby so I brought them home and blinged them up, added ribbon and tacked them to the door. The feather wreath was left over from Christmas, why not use it all year. I wanted something to go with my girlie plaques so I used an old purse with a touch of pink. I just recently added the vinyl crown which was an inspiration from our favorite store Dear Lizzie (if you haven't been there check it out, it's in Alpine).

Here's how to bring the inside out and dress up your front door. Use items that you already have around your house: mirrors, feathers, frames, plaques, pictures, purses (Coach is always a favorite) just about anything it's up to you. Use one large item or layer a few.
Hang with ribbon, wire, nails or a hook. Everything in this picture is hung with ribbon and one tack (per ribbon). This is a wood door, the tack is at the top ledge of the door. If you have a metal door hang the ribbon with duct tape. Leave a comment for The Tipsy Girls and we will help you customize your front door.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Girlfriend Glitter Cups!

Our "Girlfriend Glitter Cups" are the original design that Tonia created as a fun gift for her bowling team two years ago.

Now two years later these glorious Glitter Cups have evolved and transformed into beautiful cups that have traveled all over the country.

Glitter Cups are perfect for your Girls Night Out, Twighlight Premier, Birthday Parties, Events or just your next trip to Target!

Contact the Tipsy Girls to order yours today: 801.309.2111

Glamorous Gifts!

Glamorous Gifts!
From Cake Plates to couture gift boxes
we have what you need for your next gift... us for all your gift giving needs.
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Jardine Designs

Custom Cribs, Beautiful Beds with amazing detail.

Call for Custom Order Pricing.
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A Grand Affair

We offer weekend get-a-ways or just an afternoon with your girlfriends. So get all your chicks together and
schedule a Grand Affair with the Tipsy Girls!
Our Classes are filled with sparkles, secrets, sequins and more!!!
Come get your creative juices flowing and leave with an armful of fabulous treasures to make every day glorious!

Cafe' Couture

Cafe' Couture is a delicious way to cater your next party!!
From simple to extravagant we can take care of all your edible needs.
......If you need a fabulous place to host your event, Cafe' Couture is the perfect place to book a private party. Dine alfresco on the Terrace, enjoy ample room indoors and out, from Weddings to Tea Parties we do it all!

Celebrate in style at Cafe' Couture located in Syracuse Utah!
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