Monday, December 1, 2008

HAPPY DECEMBER 1st.......................

Happy December 1st! I love December 1st it is like a mini-holiday at my house!!!! When I was little my mom started our December 1st tradition, each year on the 1st she would give us a gift to bring in the Holiday Season! Over the years I have received many fabulous things that I still use today...from Christmas decorations, books, ornaments, fun Christmas jewelry anything that can be used through-out the month of December-my mom still does this tradition for each of us and our families. I have also continued this terrific tradition with my husband and kids. I loved growing up in a home where my mom put a lot of time and thought into making Holidays and Birthdays so special Thanks Mom! Love, Marla
We would love to here about some of your Holiday Family Traditions-Happy December 1st!
Love, The Tipsy Girls