Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We brought the "Glitter" to CBC'10

Our fabulous "Girlfriend Glitter Cups" were featured at the Casual Blogger Conference last weekend!

(photo above by Blue Cricket Design)

Each member of the "Niche Blogging Panel" received their very own Glitter Cup!
They were in LOVE with them!

As a sponsor we also gave each of the conference volunteers a Fabulous Feather Pen!

We will be posting a class schedule very soon so you can sign up to learn how to make some of our
Gloriously Glittered Creations!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coming Soon.....

There are lots of NEW & EXCITING things coming....

Check back SOON!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

HAPPY DECEMBER 1st.......................

Happy December 1st! I love December 1st it is like a mini-holiday at my house!!!! When I was little my mom started our December 1st tradition, each year on the 1st she would give us a gift to bring in the Holiday Season! Over the years I have received many fabulous things that I still use today...from Christmas decorations, books, ornaments, fun Christmas jewelry anything that can be used through-out the month of December-my mom still does this tradition for each of us and our families. I have also continued this terrific tradition with my husband and kids. I loved growing up in a home where my mom put a lot of time and thought into making Holidays and Birthdays so special Thanks Mom! Love, Marla
We would love to here about some of your Holiday Family Traditions-Happy December 1st!
Love, The Tipsy Girls

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

How fun our these place cards? We went to dinner over at our girlfriend Des' house and she had made these fun place cards for each of us, they are attached to a cup filled with popcorn-we love them and wanted to share her cute idea with everyone! Are they fun or what??? Have a great Thanksgiving!
Love, The Tipsy Girls

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Who doesn't love Target???? And the Dollar-section has lots of fabulous Christmas finds!!! The glitter words are of course a must have-they come in different colors and words like Noel, Peace, HoHoHo etc. For $2.50 you can't pass up this fun buy.....and these words will go just about anywhere: stick them in your Christmas tree, on the mantel, in your favorite wreath or wrap them in cellophane with ribbon and you will have a great little gift to give. A festive pack of dish towels will really get you ready for all of your holiday cooking. The dollar section also has fantastic retro candies from the 80's and let's face it we are girls of the 80's!!!!! You remember those great games like Sorry, Clue, Life etc. fill your stockings with Game Night candies, LemonHeads or Double Bubble. And last but not least don't forget the jumbo Lollipops, Suckers and CandyCanes!!! You can find these at WalGreen's for $1 so, get out there and get shopping! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving and eat as much as you can!
Love, The Tipsy Girls

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Grab all your Christmas packages your favorite soda and treat and head on over to your girlfriends house to wrap the night away in style!! This is exactly what we get to do in our neighborhood. Our darling neighbor hosts a wrapping party, after all the kids are tucked in we sneak out and wrap into the wee hours with one another. She will even store any gifts we want to hide down in her basement!!! She has all kinds of wrap and ribbon but of course we can also bring our own!!! Seriously this is the best holiday party, it gets you and your purchases organized. No more all night Christmas Eve wrapping!!!!

Girlfriends, treats, laughing, fun all night long, really what could be better!!!! Have a great time! Plan this one now!!!!

Love, The Tipsy Girls

Monday, November 24, 2008


For almost 20 years my mom and her three best friends have taken their daughters the weekend before Thanksgiving shopping together. For some of us it is the only time of year we see each other and we now anticipate it all year long!!! I have had many girlfriends copy this tradition with their sisters and friends. We start first thing Friday morning, then we all meet Friday night at the Hotel for food, matching pajamas, games, and memorable mom entertainment!! Somehow over the years the production the moms create gets better and better. This year it was Dancing with the Stars and the Dads made a guest appearance!! Sister-in-laws are always included and granddaughters are initiated into the group at 12 years old. We have about four granddaughters now, who were inducted by candle light and shopping cash from grandmas. It is a tradition that all the granddaughters anticipate and look forward to.
This is a tradition that will make memories for a lifetime. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. Find the time to make these memories, it is worth the effort!!!
Love you Mom, you are the best!!!!!!
Love, Tipsy Girl Tonia