Monday, June 9, 2008

Fabulous Front Door Decor

My front door is so dark I wanted to lighten it up, I had this mirror I was about to junk when I decided to give it a try. I knew the reflection of the sun would be eye catching. I loved the plaques I found at Hobby Lobby so I brought them home and blinged them up, added ribbon and tacked them to the door. The feather wreath was left over from Christmas, why not use it all year. I wanted something to go with my girlie plaques so I used an old purse with a touch of pink. I just recently added the vinyl crown which was an inspiration from our favorite store Dear Lizzie (if you haven't been there check it out, it's in Alpine).

Here's how to bring the inside out and dress up your front door. Use items that you already have around your house: mirrors, feathers, frames, plaques, pictures, purses (Coach is always a favorite) just about anything it's up to you. Use one large item or layer a few.
Hang with ribbon, wire, nails or a hook. Everything in this picture is hung with ribbon and one tack (per ribbon). This is a wood door, the tack is at the top ledge of the door. If you have a metal door hang the ribbon with duct tape. Leave a comment for The Tipsy Girls and we will help you customize your front door.

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