Monday, June 9, 2008


No more mundane Mondays---make them glitter and shine!
It's Monday already so we found our Mod Podge and glitter then got to work..........
This is a great idea for your kids summer project, girls night-out, baby shower, bridal shower, a gift or just for yourself.
We bought our supplies at one of our favorite stores: Hobby Lobby. The letters are a $1.99 (use your 40% off coupon). Get out your Mod Podge, brush and glitter from last Mondays glitter project and off you go...
Step 1: Mod Podge front surface with a smooth thin coat, glitter and allow to dry
Step 2: Continue with sides and back however, avoid the bottom of the letter keep it free of Mod Podge and glitter.
Step 3: Repeat steps 1&2
Step 4: Add last layer of Mod Podge
Step 5:Embellish and B-dazzle!!!
Hint: To make your glitter go further; add silver or translucent glitter to the color of your choice.
Remember this the next time you hear your kids whine "I'm bored", or the next time you need a unique gift!!


kensimp said...

Hi Girls,
I am so proud of you, your spot is beautiful. I will check on you girls daily in hopes of becoming more "over the top". I am heading to get the superman plates for our breakfast this weekend. Any great ideas for fathers day presents?

Amy said...

I look forward to a glittery Monday now every MOnday! Love the letters... I love that I own an Over The Tipsy Top original D...Yeah! Love the glitter!