Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Let's face it who doesn't love Target???? They have these fun Halloween Tees and Lounge Bottoms right now and the cost......well $5 for the Tops and $7 for the Bottoms need we say more? So, head to Target and get yourself some fun festive PJ's and they have more to choose from then just these!!!! We hope you love this great find!!! Happy Shopping!

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Love, The Tipsy Girls


Deanna said...

Cute PJ's. I love Target.

Lauren and Marley said...

how cute! and they are a great deal

devri said...

Do they have kids sizes?

I shouted you out on my blog, sorry late, but better than never right?

Anonymous said...

I might have to swing over and go grab a pair, my name is all over the skulls and in purple?

michelle @ sweet mady's said...

pj's, halloween, target {3 of my favorite things} perfect!

Lea said...

So nice..! I too shopped at Target last week and got the same designed Halloween tees.