Tuesday, September 16, 2008


These turned out so BLOODY cute!!!! This is dollar store stemware and the skeleton pitcher is from Walgreen's. We showed both of them on an earlier blog (necessities for Halloween). The glitter that works best for glass is the fine Marth Stewart that you used on your toes!!! So grab your glitter, use a small brush to put the modge podge only where you'd like to embellish. It's really that simple and takes only minutes to accomplish!! Have a BLOODY good day!!!!!

Love, The Tipsy Girls


tammy said...

I was just wondering if it was possible to use glitter on glass. These look great. Target has some cute Halloween dinnerware this year. Have you seen it? My Target was just barely getting theirs out yesterday. Don't they know it's the middle of Sept. already?

(No prob on the contest....but I will be here for sure for it!)

Judi said...

That is so dang cute!
I haven't found the pitcher yet, but I did find mug like it! Maybe I'll just do those. Good job Ladies, can't wait to see what is next.

devri said...

Are you freakin kidden me, you girls need your own show!!!!

I love it, bought a million stuff at the dollar store, so I WILL be doing this!!!!!!! thank you

Madison Envy said...

So cute! I love it. A post bout a giveaway come up on my bloglines but I can't find it on here, is that still going on?

Anonymous said...

I guarantee that if I did it, it would look nothing like that. Yours are both super cute!

Deanna said...

So cute, you Tipsy Top Girls are awesome.

Shanz said...

After seeing that skull pitcher on your earlier post, I totally went out and found it. Now I cant wait to play with it!