Monday, July 14, 2008


Tonia had looked at this piece many times and once it went on clearance she couldn't resist. She knew she could turn this ordinary candelabra into an extraordinary candelabra and that's exactly what she did. Once again with a little MP&G, paint and ribbon you can transform just about anything!!!! The ribbon running down the center adds a little extra elegance. This was on the Miss Syracuse stage and was truly stunning. Tonia used floral foam and moss for the base to hold fresh roses from her yard!!! It now is beautifully displayed in her kitchen. When you find something that you like but its just not quite right remember our favorite transformation tools are MP&G!
Love, The Tipsy Girls


Lauren & Marley said...

So cute! Only you could come up with somthing like this!

Lauren & Marley said...
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Holly H. said...

That is so cool! You girls are awesome!

PS - Ditch the word verif... :)

Angie said...

You made it beautiful!!! You are so talented! Why don't you open up a little boutique. You can buy all the great inexpenisive deals that I know you love to find and bling them up for resale!! I think people would love it!