Wednesday, July 23, 2008


A fun way to sweeten up your kitchen is with decorated cakes and cupcakes, actually most desserts will work. For faux frosting use a little water, flour, shortening and food coloring, mix to a paste like consistency. It looks great-it just won't taste great. Just bake your cake like usual and frost it using your favorite cake decorating tools. Add a few embellishments: jewels, crowns, pearls etc. We leave these out for weeks at a time, they are great to sit out on your favorite cake plate or dish. After the frosting is completely hard (which takes a few days) you can spray a coat of clear acrylic or varnish to make the frosting shine! Everyone will ooh and aah over the sweet creations you have made.
Love, The Tipsy Girls

P.S. Make sure you warn your husbands, teenagers and toddlers these are not good to eat. There has been a few disappointed taste testers around our homes!!!!!


Deanna said...

These look good enough to eat!!! I'm sure it's hard for the family to stay out of them.

Deanna said...

ok blogers, where are all of your comments? I love reading them.

Omgirl said...

It's a good thing you added the p.s. on this post, because I was just about to say, my 3 year old would eat those acrylic coated cupcakes so fast it would make your head spin!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Tonia. And yes, that is my little pink house in the picture!

The Patrona said...

Does it matter if they are fake or faux, when they're just FABULOUS!