Thursday, July 10, 2008


We hope you can tell that this is a picture of a large 36X56" mirror, (we found out it's a little tricky taking a picture of a mirror)??? This mirror was used in one corner of the stage. One day as Tonia and I were walking through my house to see if we could use anything for pageant decor, Tonia spotted this mirror in the corner of my garage-it was in my eBay pile of things to get rid of. Tonia said "we need to use that for the pageant". As Tonia and I talked about how we could use it we thought about having a vinyl crown made for it- soon the idea changed to a chandelier, we used the picture from pack of note cards that I had. Kelli from 'Lines To Live By' used the card and was able to print this beautiful vinyl chandelier. The clutter cluster bow adds dimension and personality to now one of my favorite pieces in my home. I was getting rid of the mirror because my home decor is mostly Tuscan, but now this mirror is in the corner of my front room. I love the sparkle and pop it adds to a room that has mostly dark, rich colors in it!!!! We both have many mirrors in our homes, a mirror can help any space feel more open and spacious. Vinyl is very affordable and it will peel off when you are ready for a change. You can have just about anything printed on vinyl. So, find your favorite saying, picture, symbol, initial etc. and have it made into a vinyl sticker. Add a fabulous, Over The Tipsy Top look to any mirror in your house!!!!!

Love, The Tipsy Girls


Mindi said...

alright, time to fess up to my blog stalking.

you guys kick arsss---and not just because you know amy and one of you is married to mike. although that does help.....

love your stuff.

you had me at "glitter sonic cup"

Holly H. said...

Dang I wish I would have made it to that pageant just to see your decor! So cool and creative you two are!