Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This may sound a little crazy but our kids started school today!!! We both have kindergartners that are so excited they can hardly stand it! Marla's son is her oldest, so her first to enter elementary (remember the innocence). My little one is my last and told me today she could no longer be my baby!!!! Needless to say, I shed a few tears when she so eagerly let her fingers slip through mine as the teacher called them in. A few weeks ago she and I went to DEAR LIZZIE our favorite store in Alpine. She found a little purse she decided should be her backpack but it just needed a little extra help! So I whipped out the hot glue gun, a flower, ribbon scraps and WAA-LAA!!! So grab your daughters old backpack, embellish it, it will be good as new and save you a little money!!! Have fun, and a wonderful new school year!!!

Love, The Tipsy Girls


tammy said...

Don't they both look so cute!!
{Oh and the back pack is cute too}.

Breaks my heart that they have to grow up!

Lauren and Marley said...

that is sooo cute i'll have to try it!

Angie said...

Holy smokes! Is that my cutest little lexi? Look how big she has gotten! She looks just like you!

Now to the backpack! Only you would have thought to take that dull but semi-cute bag and make it so flashy and superb! I'm curious to see how long the cute stuff stays on considering how my kids throw their b.p.'s around! I will definitely be keeping this in mind!

Why on earth are they in school already? You 2 must be living right!

Holly H. said...

Very cute! However, with only boys in my household, I think they might KILL me if I tried to embelish anything of theirs. :)

Deanna said...

I too shed a tear as my youngest grandchild started school. She has to be the cutest of them all with/or without her darling back pack. I love Dear Lizzy's.
Alexa, you look so darling, as does your little friend.

devri said...

I heart it, thanks, when you have a butt load of kids going to school, the preschooler, wants to carry a backpack to school, but don't want to waste money it, cuz they don't carry anything in it. You just gave a great idea, and my husband will love you for it too.

ps, not only does she have the cutest bag at school, look at her, she is the most fashionable girl also. Who'd expect anything less from you too... And she looks like you also...Sooo cute.

The Johnson Family said...

Bugs looks so cute all grown up and ready for school. How much did you cry?? Aiden, was so excited to see his picture, he was so excited he had his new backpack on, that he remembered you buying.

Brandt & Kriste said...

I love the bag. Lexi is going to be the most stylish little girl in Kindergarten. Cute pics of the new little kindergarten goers!

Threeundertwo said...

What a gorgeous bow on that backpack! I want to know how well the hot glue holds too.


Flores Hayes said...

cute bags!!

my roomate is THRILLED with her panda bag!
she just LOVE it