Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Now, as most of you know Marla and I live in the great city of Syracuse and love it!!! What a better way to get involved in your city then to volunteer! We both volunteer on the Miss Syracuse Committee and have had a fun time getting to know terrific people in our community. Marla has been on the committee for several years and next year will be the new director!!!
This was my first experience with a pageant, there is so much more involved than I would have ever expected. I have had the opportunity to decorate many homes for myself and clients but never a huge auditorium. My son asked if all the stress and mess we had created of our house was worth it, while we tried to clean up around cluster balls and ribbon. After weeks of preparation the day had arrived to execute the plan. It was overwhelming to be honest, I was so nervous but decided to behave my way through it. Thanks to my dear friends pitching in and working hard it turned out FABULOUS!! As soon as my son saw the finished product he had to agree it was worth the craziness at our house. It was a great learning experience for my whole family!!
Now it's your turn- get out there and get involved with the city you live in. There are many volunteer opportunities at your local library, school, church, community center, senior citizen center etc. Everyone is busy but, a few hours can really make a difference. Most cities post a listing at city hall of current volunteer needs-so check it out, and then leave us a comment on what you do in your community!!!

Love, The Tipsy Girls


tammy said...

It's looks amazing! Good job girls. My brother and his family used to live in Syracuse. I'll have to send them your link to see if they know you. I didn't even know there was a Syracuse in UT until he moved there.

Angie said...

I'm so proud of you Tonia!! It looks beautiful and it couldn't be much more up your alley!! You have WAY too many talents not to use them! Congrats!

vzj said...

I saw it first hand and I was truly amazed and impressed! It was absolutely GORGEOUS! The two of you do fabulous work! Looking forward to working with you next year!