Friday, August 15, 2008


This week has been so fun for me, I have loved celebrating with Tonia. I just wanted to show you some picture of how I wrapped up her gifts.......Now, of course I told you how to do the boxes on Wednesday so, I won't go into all that, I just used three different size boxes, coordinating paper, paint and glitter it was a fun, fast, project. I used the two larger boxes for her plates and the top had her pearls in it. You could make these boxes and give them as 'the gift', use them for a centerpiece or accent, storage etc. So, go Over The Tipsy Top the next time you need to wrap something up!!!!
Love, The Tipsy Girls


Shanz said...

I am getting some of those cute boxes tomorrow and can't wait to play with them! What's your favorite type of glitter to use?

Deanna said...

What pretty boxes, they are perfect for Tonia.

Holly H. said...

They are so cute! You guys are amazing!