Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Leave no door unturned!!!! Just keep EMBELLISHING!! The first door embellishments are hanging from a wreath hanger. The others are hanging from ribbon which is tacked down on top of the door. One to two tacks are plenty to hold all your embellishments. The tacks are flat head and hard to push in so use a hammer. They come out easily when needed. As for the rest of it, obviously anything goes. Gather up Christmas ornaments, ribbon, vinyl signs, beads, frames, tiaras etc. Have fun, don't scrutinize your project to pieces, anything you put on will look cute. Keep layering until the effect you want has been achieved!!!!!
Love, The Tipsy Girls


vzj said...

What a cute idea! And the fact that you hung them with a tack hidden in the top of the door....brilliant!
By the way, I absolutely LOVE the mirror! Thank You!

tammy said...

Cute! Love your doors, too. I feel the need to change all mine now : )

Deanna said...

I love all of your doors and ideas.
You gals never run out of amazing ideas.

devri said...

great job, love the princess one, and I am jelous that you brang your famous cupcakes to Amys house, I was suppose to have been there, but a sick baby stopped that real fast. oh well maybe next time.